Emergency Flood Control Rentals


Emergency Flood Control Rentals


Exactly what you need, when you need it.


One size does not fit all. Each of our flood control systems are specifically designed to fit the needs of certain flood conditions, resulting in effective and efficient emergency flood control.


An office located in the research facility of the University of Calgary, Titan Barriers is continually testing and evaluating new methods of flood control.


Titan Barrier systems require a fraction of the resources – both human and financial – to set up compared to sandbags and other conventional flood control.

Titan Barriers designs, manufactures and rents state-of-the-art flood control systems. As a leading authority in the flood control industry, the company provides both the public and private sectors with an innovative line of emergency flood control systems.  The systems have been engineered to suit a wide range of applications and provide a safe, reliable alternative to building sandbag dikes.

By integrating this innovative technology into existing disaster management programs and by maintaining a sufficient stockpile of equipment for rental, the company will give first responders the ability to launch a meaningful and successful defence against a flood. The implementation of this equipment and the use of advanced deployment techniques will set new standards for the industry.

In addition the company maintains a strong research and development program to further advance innovations and introduce new technologies into the market. Located in the University of Calgary Research Park, the company utilizes the many academic resources readily available to validate and test new innovations as they are developed.


Titan Barriers designs, tests, manufactures and rents an innovative line of emergency flood control systems that are engineered for optimal durability and the flexibility needed to enable them to withstand wave and surge forces.  The systems have been developed to provide a safe, cost-effective and reliable alternative to the deployment of sandbag dikes.


Poseidon Series I is a state-of-the-art inflatable dam capable of managing floods up to two feet deep. The system is easily deployed and individual sections may be connected to form an impervious barrier of any length or shape. This rugged, puncture-resistant, inflatable dam is extremely durable and suitable for a wide range of applications including HAZMAT containment.


Internal inflatable bladders are constructed from welded 26-ounce vinyl-coated polyester with reinforced, flexible end caps and a two-inch fill valve. The envelope is constructed from welded 22-ounce vinyl-coated polyester with zippers and straps.

Flood Depth:

Two feet.


Rental Cost:

Contact for pricing.



Poseidon Series II Is a portable, reusable, light-weight emergency flood control barrier, capable of diverting and managing a wide range of floods up to a depth of three feet. The system is comprised of a series of engineered, interlocking sections that, when assembled, form a rugged, impervious barrier of any length or configuration. The system may be fitted with ice or debris shields, adding extra strength and durability in the most hostile conditions.

Comprised of five rigid segments, each segment is five feet long and, when erected, the dam is three feet tall. These five segments are connected and encapsulated in a single envelope that is 25-feet long. The envelope is attached firmly to the rigid segments and has a continuous liner which extends out from the front of the dam. Each 25-foot envelope is attached to the adjacent envelope with robust zippers which form a continuous seal along the entire structure.




Rigid segments are constructed from engineered 12 mm Baltic Birch. The envelope is constructed from welded 22 once vinyl coated polyester with zippers and straps.

Flood Depth:

Three feet.


Rental Cost:

Contact for pricing.



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