OROVILLE (CBS SF) — Butte County officials attempted to quell fears Wednesday, triggered by social media rumors, that the newly rebuilt Oroville Dam was on the brink of a catastrophic collapse. Sheriff Kory Honea posted an open letter to Oroville residents on Twitter that proclaimed there was no “current imminent threat” of a collapse. “I spoke to engineers and hydrology experts, I questioned them about their ability to manage the inflow,” he posted. “Based upon all that, I don’t believe there is a current imminent threat. If I come to believe there is a problem that puts the safety of our community in imminent danger I will not hesitate to alert people.” Please take a moment to read the attached statement from Sheriff Kory Honea regarding recent rumors and concerns expressed about the Oroville Dam and it’s spillway. #ButteSheriff pic.twitter.com/S8tRwDLd4F — Butte County Sheriff (@ButteSheriff) May 14, 2019 Two years ago, about 200,000 people had to evacuate amid fears the Oroville Dam could collapse after heavy rains and mountain runoff sent a torrent of […]