A resident of Chautaqua, Illinois, on the flooded Mississippi, talks about life on the river and how his families deals with flooding that is into its second month. By Flooding from the Mississippi River forced the Illinois Department of Transportation on May 3 to close the Great River Road from Madison County to Pike County, causing inconvenience for commuters and tourists who usually take the route. For those who own small businesses along scenic Illinois 100, the closure will mean multiple weeks of lost revenue. “That’s been the biggest factor in terms of patronization — when they closed the River Road,” said Chris Spanton, an employee at the riverfront Grafton Pub in Grafton. “We always anticipate flooding, but this year it’s been extraordinary.” Most of Grafton’s businesses had closed this month because of flooding from the Mississippi and Illinois rivers, but the Grafton Pub , housed in a historic building, has stayed open, despite 3 feet of water in its basement and the flooding of its outdoor bar. “As long as we’ve got working […]