The flooding has begun along the shores of Lake Ontario. Among the first communities to see it is Sackets Harbor. The village docks, dry two days ago, are now under a couple inches of water. The predictions continue to be that levels will keep rising – several more inches – rivaling those of 2017 when records were set. As flood waters invaded those docks, Sackets Harbor was the staging ground Wednesday for a news conference with village Mayor Molly Reilly and Jefferson County Legislature Chairman Scott Gray. They welcomed the state’s director of emergency management, Michael Kopy. He’s the man in charge of the state’s plan to help protect waterfront property from flood damage. While he hopes this won’t be a repeat of 2017, he thinks the north country needs to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. "I can’t control that water level, how high that water is going to get, but what I can be is prepared for the worst-case scenario. And right now we’re planning that 2017 is […]