Parts of the UK had more than a month’s rain in one day on Monday June 10. More rain on the following Tuesday, particularly in the north of England and Midlands, created localised flooding . Sinkholes appearing on the M25 – one of Europe’s busiest motorways – and closed train lines have created expensive travel chaos . The flooding of hospitals and other essential services has even put lives at risk. In the middle of all this, groundwater levels across the country are much lower than normal . There’s been little rain between 2018 and 2019 – the winter was drier than normal and it wasn’t so long ago that Britain was basking in one of the warmest Easter weekends on record . Still yellowing lawns suggest that hardly any rain has fallen since. This isn’t an usual pattern of weather and it isn’t specifically linked to climate change. Slow-moving, intense bands of rainfall can emerge in the summer, though wetter Junes can possibly be linked to climate change as the jet stream – […]