The amphitheater at Yanney Park, just a few yards from the lake, was underwater Tuesday morning. KEARNEY — Where did the rain come from? Aaron Mangles, meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Hastings, attributes the unusual amount of rain Monday night and early Tuesday morning to ripe conditions and bad luck. “In this case it was several rounds of thunderstorms that continued to track over the same area,” he said. “As new storms continued to regenerate overnight, they tracked along the same boundary for hours on end. That’s really what did it in this case.” “We won’t get the incredible amounts of rainfall if a cold front had just come through with northwest winds,” Mangles said. “We need that moisture, not only at the surface but we need that moisture available aloft as well. We have to be in a favorable air mass. In this case we did have a lot of available moisture to work with for the thunderstorms.” Mangles noted that the conditions on Monday evening were typical of summer weather […]