Parking lots at local hotels began filling up again. (ljurkowitz) As the majority of residents in Dare County’s northern beach communities finished cleaning up the remnants of Dorian, a steady stream of vehicles flowed onto the island, signaling that for the most part, the Outer Banks was once again open for business. After nearly a week of empty roads, vacant rental cottages and closed restaurants, the flow of incoming visitors marked the slow return to normalcy the Outer Banks is all too familiar with after a Hurricane evacuation. “Obviously when we started re-entry, we had a tremendous influx of people eager to start their vacations,” said Outer Banks Visitors Bureau Executive Director Lee Nettles. “I’m sure we will have a little bit of a gap to fill… but for what it’s worth, we are in full court press to restart the momentum as quickly as possible.” Nettles said his bureau has added advertising dollars to social and online media campaigns as a result of Hurricane Dorian and has also reached out to the North […]