At the campsite’s peak it had 80 residents, most were flood victims Waubonsie State Park FREMONT COUNTY, Iowa — Displaced flood victims have lived at Waubonsie State Park for several months. The park is transitioning into winter operations, which means families will be forced to move on. Robert Hines has lived in this donated camper for six months. He was evacuated from his home in April because of historic flooding that swallowed parts of Hamburg, Iowa. "We had 15 minutes to move out. I got out with two pairs of shoes, two pairs of pants and two pairs of shirts," Hines said. Along with several other families, they’ve stayed at the park all summer long. "At our peak we were around 80 residents on the campground and most of those were from Hamburg, but others were from surrounding communities," Waubonsie State Park park manager Matt Moles said. "Now, there’s just four and I don’t know what they are going to do," Hines said. Moles said cooler weather causes changes to the park. "We just […]