TOWN OF GARDNER, Wis. (WBAY) – The end of the holiday weekend was not a pleasant one for dozens of people living along the bay and lakeshore across Northeast Wisconsin. Some of the same people dealing with flooding issues for months are now seeing it surround their homes and turn to ice. Action 2 News went to southern Door County on North Stevensons Pier Road in the Town of Gardner where homeowners there are dealing with a messy and frozen cleanup. “The road was literally impassable and we’re just dealing with the aftermath today with the debris that’s on the homeowner side of it, so we have people here moving the debris out of the roadway, so we can still plow snow this winter and hopefully we don’t get any more storms,” said Jeremy Madoche, who was in the area helping his mother with storm cleanup. Madoche hired help to clear what’s left of the road in front of his mother’s house. The water has been inching closer and closer to her home. “I […]