A wintry mess is expected on Wednesday across southern Wisconsin. (Photo: National Weather Service) The lousy weather across the southern half of Wisconsin during the past week is about to fire up again overnight Tuesday into Wednesday, with a wintry mix of light snow and/or freezing rain/drizzle, followed by the potential for more snow this weekend, according to the National Weather Service. The forecast for Wednesday calls for yet another round of messy weather in what has become a strange winter season so far. A storm could bring heavy snow to southern Wisconsin this weekend, but many of the details are expected to change as the storm approaches. We had record snow on Halloween , a high near 60 degrees the day after Christmas and a storm that brought a dangerous coating of ice and flooding along Lake Michigan this past weekend. "I’m ready for spring," said Paul Collar, a meteorologist with the weather service in Sullivan. Until spring arrives, another potential mess is forecast to arrive early Wednesday. A wintry mix of light […]