TOLEDO, Ohio. — Flooding was a reality for many in Northwest Ohio over the weekend, as multiple inches of rain fell in some areas. Whether it came in through the foundation, a sump pump didn’t work properly, or another issue, plenty had cleanup work. AAA Standard Services Manager Al Opaczewski stayed busy with calls of basement flooding and dealing with problems like germs from the water and even live appliances. “When you’ve got water that’s an inch or two deep, and you’re not wearing rubber boots, you have a potential of electrocution because if the power is still on, then there is a possibility of electrical being in the water itself, too,” Opaczewski said. With more precipitation in the forecast for later this week, there’s plenty of steps homeowners can take to prevent as much damage as possible. The first step is to make sure your sump pump is working. Also, with snow being a real possibility, be sure to clean out all eave spouts. "Make sure that any drainage from the eave is […]