We may be dry now, but that won’t last long… MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – Rain, storms, warmer than average temperatures, fog and flooding… just a few things we will be watching over the next few days across Alabama. Our wet pattern lingers into our Tuesday, but just how much more rain are we expecting, and when do we finally get some cooler air to return?! Today will look and feel a lot like yesterday… periods of showers and storms with temperatures starting in the 60s and climbing into the 70s. Remember: It will not rain every hour of the day today, but where it does rain we could be dealing with heavy downpours. There will continue to be a good coverage of rain thanks to a stalled out warm front that lifted through our area and has now stopped moving; because of this, our whole area in now locked into a warm, moist atmosphere with ample ability to produce showers and thunderstorms. Intensity of rain will vary at times, so you need to be […]