MILWAUKEE — The winter storm on Saturday caused an estimated millions of dollars in damage to the Port of Milwaukee, according to port officials. Officials said parts of the port and Jones Island were under 6 inches to 4 feet of water on Saturday. When the water receded, it left behind ice up to a foot thick in some areas. Officials said the water damaged nearly everything on the port’s east side, near Lake Michigan. "Everything from the waterside infrastructure, like the dock walls where the vessels and the great lakes ships come in, to our rail infrastructure. Our warehouses, our terminal, electrical, certainly asphalt, road paving," said Adam Schlicht, the Port of Milwaukee’s director. "It’s fairly comprehensive across the entirety of the island." Schlicht said this time of year, the port is normally busy receiving international bulk salt deliveries from ships. They distribute the salt locally and across the state. They are also usually busy with rail lines and truck taking cargo shipments and distributing them to local producers and manufacturers. "It can […]