BANGOR TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (01/15/2020) – Record-high water levels over the weekend flooded homes along the Kawkawlin River and Saginaw Bay On Tuesday night, Bangor Township board unanimously passed a resolution asking the state for help. In the meantime, people are still recovering, and the road ahead is a long one. With river water coming in, it’s more than just water entering. It’s also bacteria. When that happens along the Kawkawlin river, it means removing all wet material, and that could cost thousands of dollars in recovery. Virginia Ludy lives along the Kawkawlin River. She says she noticed the water rise but then recede earlier in the day on Saturday, but then the high winds came in the evening, and water started to surround her home. "As the water levels went up around the house, you see it coming in or above the window levels of the basement, and the retaining around egress and things like that. At some point, you just go, nothing is keeping up, and it’s a losing battle," Ludy said. 32 […]