CHOTEAU — A flood warning has been issued in the city of Choteau because of ice jams in Spring Creek. Water is currently flowing out of the creek and into both the residential area east of the creek on 3rd Street NE, 4th Street NE, and 3rd Avenue NE and the railroad right of way to the west. The flow has improved in the creek and water that was backed up is dropping; the water has been reported up to six inches deep on some streets. If the water levels continue to rise, some houses may be threatened by the flood waters. The situation started on Tuesday when readings from the Teton River flow meter west of town began to show elevated water levels. “As those changes indicated ice in the Teton, It normally is a strong indicator that the water level inside the city limits is going to rise," said Choteau mayor Chris Hindoien. Loading video… Town officials expect that they could see water damage in parts of town that haven’t seen such […]