Severe thunderstorms are pelting some regions of Australia suffering from historic wildfires with powerful rain and large hail. The storms could bring some much-needed relief to the firefighters battling some of the worst blazes the country has seen in decades . But forecasters say it’s not yet clear if the rain will fall where it’s needed most in the coming days, or whether there will be enough of it to make a difference in fire-ravaged and drought-stricken areas. So far there hasn’t been enough rain to put out the fires, and lightning from the storms has also sparked new blazes. Authorities are also concerned that a massive inundation could lead to powerful flash flooding, as years of drought have left some regions so dry that rain just runs off the ground. The massive fires have also burned through some of the vegetation that would normally soak up the precipitation. The Victoria State Emergency Service posted several images on Facebook showing damage from the storm, including a sinkhole 4 meters (13 feet) deep which had […]