national weather service A winter storm system traveling through the area from southeast Kansas brought torrential rains and severe weather to the Ozarks on Jan. 10-11. The storm wreaked havoc at several locations around the Ozarks, in Missouri and Arkansas. The thunderstorm brought lightning, high winds and heavy rain as it moved into the area with the strong to severe storm also ushering in a cold front that hit the Douglas County area late on Friday. Area flooding was also a serious factor accompanying the winter weather. The storm front remained strong during Friday’s nighttime hours, producing damaging winds, hail and several tornadoes. And, as the system passed through our area, it left behind a light wintry mix of freezing rain, sleet and snow, a dusting that impacted most of the local area. Accumulation was negligible. On Friday evening, a tornado touched down north east of Springfield, moving into the town of Strafford. The system tracked to the northeast crossing east Division Street, and inflicted damage to areas near I-44. In Strafford, damage includes […]