Periods of moderate to heavy rain Friday night into Saturday night will likely cause several rivers to rise above flood stage, with spotty street flooding also possible Saturday afternoon and evening, the National Weather Service said. There is the potential for an outbreak of dangerous thunderstorms, including tornadoes, over the central U.S. starting late this week, AccuWeather said . "While the traditional severe weather elements, such as hail, damaging winds, vivid lightning and flash flooding are likely with the upcoming event, the setup may also produce tornadoes," said AccuWeather Senior Storm Warning Meteorologist Eddie Walker. "The first storms in the upcoming rounds of severe weather may focus in a relatively small area from southeastern Kansas to parts of central Missouri during Thursday night.” Determining factors will be the amount of sunshine available to warm the lower part of the atmosphere, how moist the air will become and how strong winds develop aloft. When all of these conditions are present, a very unstable atmosphere exists and the risk of severe weather, and sometimes tornadoes, can […]