The CDC and a new study look at how long the coronavirus can live on surfaces. USA TODAY NEWARK – Johnny John did not know his family’s return to the laundry business would come at such a critical time, but serving his community always has been a priority. John bought the 21st Street Laundromat business seven months ago that his father owned during his childhood in the 1960s. He now is attempting to give back during one of the most chaotic times in recent memory. With lives already in flux due to the state regulations in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus , multiple areas in Licking County were hit hard by last Friday’s flood . John is offering his services to anyone impacted by that event. “We have been busy with some of the flood victims, and we have seen them come in sadly with just bags and bags of soaked clothing and bedding and linen,” John said. “I am more than willing to pay for any of these folks that […]