TULSA, Okla. — Oklahoman farmers are now beginning to see an impact on the crop market because of the coronavirus. They tell us they’re seeing a drop in sales while still trying to recover from last May’s flooding. Recent Stories from kjrh.com 2 Works for You spoke to a farmer who nearly lost 3,000 acres of grain and wheat last year and now has to cope with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. "I don’t even really know what normal is anymore," Darren Perry said. "It’s just these last few years have been extremely challenging.” Of Perry’s 3,000 acres of crops, only seven were left after last May’s flooding. “It’s stressful but we will make it work,” Perry said. He wasn’t expecting anything like the coronavirus to hit farmers this year. “The future markets are down," Perry said. "That’s what we have to go off of. That’s what we are seeing, grain markets across the board are slowing down. Perry says farmers are also concerned about the potential for another May flood with mile […]