CHICAGO — After torrential rain on Sunday night, viaducts were filled with standing water impacting dozens of tents that provide shelter for the homeless. That’s when Michael Airhart — who has been helping to feed Chicago’s homeless for years — was the first to show up and lend a hand. “He was like, ‘Mike, we lost everything.’ And I said, ‘Don’t worry, we’re going to get through this,’ and I went into operation,” said Airhart. He set up his grills to cook up a hot breakfast and then pulled every water-logged item out of from under the Lawrence, Wilson and Belmont viaduct. Back within the hour, cars started showing up. “I got Sheila says she’s coming and Tracy says she’s coming. Just a lot of people that wanted to donate and help,” said Pamela Airhart. By that afternoon, every tent, cot and clothing item had been replaced due to the Airhart’s and the kindness of strangers. For more information on their effort to feed the homeless click here . The generosity in the Chicagoland […]