The Eden dam failure (video is slightly slowed down). Gif: Lynn Coleman/MLive/Earther As residents of Michigan’s Midland county scramble to recover from devastating floods, a video has emerged showing the critical moment when Eden dam collapsed, in a failure experts are attributing to shoddy maintenance and climate change. Two dams failed in Michigan this week, the first in Edenville on Tuesday, and the second in Sanford, which collapsed a few hours later as a result of the first failure upstream. The flooding resulted in the mandatory evacuation of 10,000 Midland county residents at a time when physical distancing measures are needed to curb the spread of covid-19. Excessive rainfall over the past week caused water levels to rise in the reservoir behind Edenville Dam, but the failure itself is being attributed to deregulation and lack of upkeep. That Edenville dam collapsed this week should hardly be a surprise, given warnings that appeared as early as the 1990s. A remarkable video captured by Michigan resident Lynn Coleman shows the moment when Eden collapsed, when the […]