Seven years to the day since Toronto experienced its most-expensive natural disaster in history, residents of the city are once again cleaning up after flash floods and severe thunderstorms — many of them without power. While not nearly as bad as the weather event that hit Toronto on July 8 of 2013 , today’s storm did cause a significant amount of property damage. Yikes! Heavy rain is causing a parking garage in Etobicoke to flood – � @iamdave79 #Etobicoke #ONStorm #floodTO — blogTO (@blogTO) July 8, 2020 Not to mention plant damage. This tree on High Park Avenue did not survive the onslaught #ONStorm @311Toronto — K2Harvey (@k2harvey) July 8, 2020 Wild eyewitness photos and videos are, as always, plentiful. Still idiots. #FloodTo banged his bumper — Matty � (@mattytoophatty) July 8, 2020 Even before the rain started falling, Toronto Twitter users were sharing footage of a scary-looking sky — one made all the scarier by Environment Canada’s (now cleared) tornado watch . Is that rotation? Caught it before the sky […]